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Event-management uk’s corporate driving days activities are diverse to say the least. Whether you want to incorporate some Honda Pilots and the reverse steer buggies into a multi-activity day or a full on 4x4 experience, we’ve got the lot. All our events are fully catered for and include instruction, meals such as lunch and refreshments.

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4x4 Grand Prix Quad bikes

4x4 Off Road Driving
Our 4x4 days are designed to combine fun and team building in a challenging but safe environment. Catering for beginners to the more experienced delegates are given instruction on safety, vehicle handling and reading terrain.

There are a variety of venues each offering different challenges and all vehicle’s are constantly maintained ensuring safety and reliability.

These team events are ideal for confidence building, improving communication skills and personal development.

Quad Bikes
Quad bikes are an ideal accompaniment to a 4x4 or multi activity day. Often used on similar courses to 4x4 events these vehicles will test your riding skills.

Reverse Steer Car
A real test! When you turn the wheel of this car right, it will go left, then turn it left it will turn right.

Honda Pilot ATV's
Honda Pilots are a purpose built off road machine and are one of the safest machines of it’s type ever made. Put your driving skills and nerve to the test as you compete against your colleagues head to head or against the clock.

Blind Driving
You will require teamwork, communication and trust to do this challenge. The driver is blindfolded and their partner directs them through a testing course.

Grand Prix Experience
Try a trip around a Grand Prix Circuit and experience thrill of the sounds and smells of all that power. This event day will be sure to get your pulse and senses going!