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MOTORISED - Construction Day


In our Construction Day events you take control of a JCB digger or a dumper truck. Groups are split into teams and have the chance to drive and control these powerful Heavy Plant machines at our unique site. Qualified instructors set you tasks such as digging the perfect hole to picking up a golf ball in a bucket with your digger arm!

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construction day construction day construction day

The Excavator
When the challenge is set, your team have to take it in turns to rotate the excavator into different positions, first you have to hit the numbers. Then you go into trench warfare!

Wheel Loading Shovel
You will have to hit the ground running with this oversized beast! The challenge is to see how much earth you can move in the allotted time.

construction day construction day construction day

Ever though how easy it is to make the roads nice straight and flat? Well here's a chance to find out. Each team have to grade an area and make it road worthy. Sound easy? Not when you are having to do three things at once to control this gargantuan!

Our experience tells us that teams work best in groups of 5/7 people. We will work with you to ensure that your event meets your requirements.

Included in the Day:

Skilled instructors; All necessary equipment; Winning team medals; Overall event management; Lunch; Soft Drinks; Morning/afternoon tea/coffee