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MOTORISED - Equipment


A large variety of motorised equipment including Quad bikes, Honda Pilots, Power Turns and 4x4 blind driving can be added to enhance your day. Here are just a few examples of what’s on offer.

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Quad Bikes Honda Pilots Blind Driving

Quad Bikes
Four wheeled all terrain motorcycles with wide wheels, driven around a slalom course against the clock.

Honda Pilots
Built specifically for the off road market, these machines have phenomenal acceleration. You will drive this vehicle on a marked course and have the opportunity of experiencing several practise laps followed by a competitive element against the clock.

Power Turns
A unique and exciting driving experience. The “Power-turn” is a two-seater buggy, steered like a tank, by pulling and pushing two levers.

Blind 4 x 4 Driving
Teamwork, communication and trust are the essence to this challenge, with participants working in pairs. The driver is blindfolded and his/her partner has to direct them through the course.